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Reynar Law Office and Consultancy

Lawyer Tacan Reynar Founded by Reynar Law Office and Consultancy Office, it serves its customers in all areas of law with approximately 20 years of experience. 

Reynar Law Office and Consultancy provides effective, fast and reliable service to its customers with its team of lawyers and consultants, each specialized in their own fields of work, with its cooperation offices in the North of Cyprus, Southern Cyprus and abroad, especially in Canada.

Please contact us to examine the services we offer to our customers in more detail.

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Tacan REYNAR (Founder)

Tacan Reynar graduated from Eastern Mediterranean University Faculty of Law in 2004. After graduation, he pursued studies in Public Law at the same university, completing his master's degree with a thesis titled 'Relations Between the Federal Administration and the Federated Administrations in Federations and the Resolution of Jurisdiction Conflicts.' While continuing his graduate education, he completed his law internship and began working as a lawyer. Additionally, he served as a part-time lecturer at EMU Faculty of Law, teaching TRNC Constitutional and Administrative Law courses for approximately 1 year.

In 2006, Reynar established his own law office in Nicosia. Later, in October 2010, he was appointed as a district court judge/judge by the TRNC Supreme Court of Justice. During his tenure, Reynar presided over civil, family, and criminal cases in various courts. He resigned from his position as a Senior Judge at the Nicosia Criminal Court, where he served for 8 years, in May 2018.

Throughout his student years and beyond, Reynar actively participated in many non-governmental organizations, particularly focusing on politics, public law, human rights, and international criminal justice. He engaged in certification and training programs offered by international organizations such as Harvard, Yale, Leiden, Pennsylvania, University of London, Amnesty International, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In 2023, Reynar completed a professional diploma program on the Canadian Legal System at Trios College in Canada. He continues to work abroad through collaborations with several companies he established in Canada.

In 2022, Reynar will become a partner in CISSE (Cyprus International Social Sciences Education) and opened Reynar Academy (CCE) in Famagusta in 2023, commencing operations in the education sector. Reynar conducts seminars and training sessions in various areas of law.

Tacan Reynar

Areas of expertise: Constitutional and Administrative Law, Labor Law, Human Rights Law, Commercial and Property Law, Trademark-Patent Law, Criminal Law.


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Our Social Responsibility

Reynar Law and Consultancy Office is sensitive to the problems of the society in which it exists, and considers it its duty to fight on the basis of human rights;

 defends peace, solidarity and brotherhood among all peoples as well as in their own country, and in this regard, is aware that democracy and the rule of law are vital values in carrying out the struggle for rights;

While advocating for rights, it acts with the responsibility of a lawyer who seeks justice on an equal basis among individuals, regardless of language, religion, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation, and knows that if there is no justice, peace cannot prevail. While carrying out our client-oriented work, we do not ignore social concerns and consider it our responsibility as a lawyer to be present wherever there is a struggle for rights and to walk with you unconditionally when you are violated on any issue.

Because we know:

If there is no justice,

there is no life.

We are on the side of defending freedoms.

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